Saturday, January 2, 2010

Minor Setback...

On New Year's Eve, the Defender's controls stopped working. Very frustrating. I am almost certain it's the connector from the controls into the board, but there's no way I'm touching it. I'm putting in a call today to S&B Amusements as they guaranteed their work for 90 days, top to bottom on the machine, so I'm not worried about getting it fixed - I'm just anxious to get it back running!

Stargate has now been the focus of my play since then. I've gotten up to 127k on it, but I'm getting stymied by fricking Firebombers. My regular style of play is to use Smart Bombs and Inviso to take 'em out, but there's just no way to save enough of it to make a serious impact on a world record run.

Today I decided that I needed to play without Inviso or Smart Bombs because that's what's going to happen once I get up to the higher levels to make the record happen. My new style of play is to just waste them all as the first wave starts. No crutches!

Other interesting facts I've noticed while playing Stargate for this record:
- When I warp from Wave 1 to 4, if I have caught all the humans and carry them through the Stargate for the warp and only leave a firebomber behind, I can get around 37k points.
- I average 100k when I warp all the way to the Firebomber Showdown.
- Firebombers SUCK.

I am having a lot of problems with the Firebomber Showdown, particularly when I don't have or use Smart Bombs / Inviso. I know I could just finish wave 7 and warp from wave 8 past the FBSD, but I want to get all the practice I can in shooting those dogs down. If I come up with some sort of strategy that works well, I'll let you know.

Interesting Stargate Trick - if the last thing alive in the wave is a Lander, and they are doing a pickup of a human, you can shoot the Lander, you will notice that the wave does not end. It allows you to catch the human. If you catch the human right at ground level, you get 2k and a cool visual prize!

More when there's an update. Oh yeah - my high score right now on Stargate is 127075. New pictures will be loaded up to my Facebook account soon.

Rock on!

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