Thursday, December 31, 2009

Stargate Record, too?

I looked a while back on Twin Galaxies web page but didn't look for the Stargate records. That was silly. Turns out that the Stargate record is in reach as well.

Here are the records as they stand today:

DEFENDER - 543,950
STARGATE - 284,975

Both were set by Bill Jones. Bill, those are some impressive scores with Tourney Settings for sure!

So, I printed out the scores and put 'em on both my machines as inspiration. The first game I played on Stargate came in ~110k, which would make it the 3rd place in the world if I had taped it. My son has decided he's going to go for a record as well, because the scores on Stargate go all the way down to 2,225 at 20th place.

I've heard that you have to do a close-up video of the boards on the machine and while the tape is running, you can then start a run. That sounds like craziness to me. Referee verification is the best way to do it. Let's get a ref in here!

If I can get a referee here at my house (there's one in Dallas), I will let you know here and if you're up for it - come over and we'll all set some Defender records!

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