Saturday, January 2, 2010

My Current Scores versus Current World Records

The Defender's controls started working a bit tonight, so I got in a few games.

I suppose when I best my own scores I should post 'em here. Maybe that'll make it more interesting? Here are today's top scores:

Defender 142,200 points
Stargate 164,525 points

If these had been refereed, taped, etc., and accepted, they would be:
- 8th in the world on Defender (543,950 is #1)
- 4th in the world on Stargate (284,975 is #1)

Going back and forth on each machine, I notice that Defender has a higher rate of (laser?) fire than Stargate. With no Firebombers, I think that once I get my groove back, Defender will be much easier than Stargate.

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