Friday, August 2, 2013

Father and Son Defendering launch: T minus 1 day

No pics of arriving at the hotel, so you get
another zoo picture!
After arriving early to town, we went and had breakfast and killed some time at Butterfly's, and it was pretty good. When we were done, we headed to the hotel.

They did have a room here at the hotel we could get in early, but it was a smoking room and having had a lot of experience in the Midwest with a wife that used to smoke, lol - no thanks! :)

Since we wanted to wait for a no smoking room, we slept in the car until 30 minutes ago. We're currently in the lobby waiting for someone to check out "on time." So the room can get cleaned.

We're not upset; we made the call to skip getting a room last night ourselves to save cash, and that is just how things go sometimes.

It was fun driving all night while he slept like we used to do. It makes the trip shorter for him. We think of it as a time machine. :)

Not sure what's in store today after we get our room besides a damn good shower and nap, but it is going to be awesome whatever happens! I feel the love here! Matt's already pushing to go to Star Worlds. What do YOU think we're going to be doing tonight?

We'll update our adventure here after a while. Who knows what will happen!

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