Sunday, August 4, 2013

Blastoff!! Father and son Defender and Stargate World Records!

FINALLY! The big day!
After staying up late at Star Worlds the night before, we got to the arcade in the early afternoon. By 3pm, Mitchell had a streaming setup going and we logged in with my Twitch.TV account.

Matt and I were going for separate records, all officiated by Grace Snokes of Video Game Scoreboard

Matt's Stargate attempts are for world records on a) 3 man, regular play settings and b) 5 man, tournament mode (no extra ships, etc.). 

I attempted three Defender records, all of which were chosen due to time limitations at the arcade. The attempts were all on factory settings, recommended: Highest score on one ship, Fastest time to 1,000,000 points, and Highest score in an hour. I also attempted a Stargate record: 5 man tournament mode.

Matt's highest Stargate score was 54,750. I don't think he attempted a tournament mode score. 

My Defender records:

Watch live video from billyjoecain on
  • Fastest time to 1,000,000: 50:12 minutes
  • Highest score in an hour: 1,251,750

Watch live video from billyjoecain on
My Stargate record:

  • 5 Ship tournament settings 130,425 (I did it in a hurry as Grace was leaving)

We had a great time ALL day! Some highlights:

  • Pat and Glenn rebuilt a cocktail Stargate for Matt to play! - Dinner by Pat's mom, Bernadette, was awesome. She even made me some special vegan lasagna that was extra tasty!
  • Pat and Grace celebrated their birthdays with two cakes.
  • Matt and I presented Pat and Glenn with: a Wing Commander: Prophecy poster, signed by Matt and me; my collection of video game tokens from Texas in the 80s; my collection of 7-11 Video Game Trading Cups from 1982 and 1983; Twin Galaxies Trading Cards for me, the First Annual Texas Video Game Championship, and the Texas State Trading Card Premiere; and a few other interesting tidbits.
  • Took a big group picture in front of the arcade.
  • Everyone signed Pat's VGS shirt.
  • Grace officiated a LOT of world records!
  • Pat asked Matt and me to sign his Defender marquee!

The event was incredible. I got to see a few world records set, one of which was a 5 million one man challenge Nibbler game. I've never seen anything like that before and I likely will never see it again.

It was a lot of fun streaming some Defender playing online. Makes me want to do that a lot more. Playing solo at the house and uploading video to YouTube just isn't the same.

Thank you to everyone for making this happen and for making us feel so welcomed. It was an amazing experience from top to bottom and I hope we'll get a chance to come back and continue to be part of this community in person again one day!!

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