Wednesday, June 23, 2010

FINALLY Back in the space saddle!

Okay, so it has been a LONG time since I updated this. Over the last FEW months, I started a new company and have been working on a new Facebook game called Fantasy Kingdoms. If you happen to play Facebook games and want to give it a try, click here:

Now, the game and company are reaching a better work/life equilibrium. This is good.

In the last few weeks, I actually spent time playing and I went ahead and set the game back to 'regular' settings so I can get up to the higher levels and experience the madness of the 300k-over a million gameplay. Things get super hairy around there and I need to get comfortable there.

I am not saving any 'regular settings' scores on the High Score list. Just in case that ever comes up.

I have to say that the guy that got 550k on Tournament Mode must be fricking amazing or is using a technique / strategy that I have NEVER seen or heard of. I want to see that video. That will be amazing. Who has that?!?

The plan right now is to get a few minutes of play a night to get back up to speed. I think my brain just isn't up to the speed it used to be, but who knows. Maybe it's just practice!


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